Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slowly But Surely...

I'm coming out of my hole. (: Just a few more random things to share. After posting my "wish list" last time, I realized that I am kinda artsy - my dad was an illustrator for a long time and owned his own advertising company, and that rubbed off quite a bit. So I decided that I should try my hand at illustrating my own save the dates and invites. Other than the trees, it turned out pretty well. Here's the first draft:

One thing no other illustrator can do is write in my own hand writing. I like it. It's quirky and me. And it is especially fitting to have my own handwriting on these babies because I am a hand-written thank you note queen. I love hand written notes. So my thought is, why would I send a hand written thank you note to someone for having me over for dinner, but have a machine or a stranger write a note to those I love inviting them to the biggest day of my adult life?? Hmmm.... Added bonus: the writing on the invite will actually match the writing on the envelope. And I don't have to pay anyone. (:

The only thing I'm stuck on is how to put an organic element into the illustration. We are not having a very "urban" wedding, except that it is in a major city. We are having as much of a garden wedding as you can have outside of actually being in a garden. The trees say "Lincoln Park!" to me, but I don't know if they read that way. I think it reads as being a bit disjointed. In any case... the treas as they look there are OUT.

Also, I made this hat ages ago (December, I think?) and it needs to be shared because it is a winner.

Pattern: Ariosa Pom-Pom Hat
Designer: Hanna Fettig
Source: HERE! Free! WOO!
Fiber: Malabrigo Worsted in Stone Blue
Needles: Size 10

I wonder why I always look so mad in these photos...

The pattern called for bulky but this worked just fine. It was much floppier and much less pinky looking before I washed it. On cold and everything! And I didn't dry it! But it shrunk and absorbed some nice pink color (the camera didn't pick it up, I guess) and the braiding looks weird now, but whatever. I wear it all the time and I don't care.

Last but not least, my latest quilting catastrophe. I wanted to make this awesome quilt from Twin Fibers. She even posted a tutorial - how nice! Turns out, even with the aid of a grid square thingy, I am totally incapable of drawing straight lines. So, my project went from easy to unbelievably time consuming. 3 inch squares. Nuff said? Here's what I could get done so far:

17 different fabrics. Love everyone of them.

I'm making the quilt for Riley's 3rd birthday, which is next weekend. She is getting a big girl bed and I think she needs a big girl quilt. I hope she falls in love with it. If she doesn't I'm going to steal it back and hoard it for a future pink-lover.

Okay, back to legal misery. Hope you all had a good V-day.

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anyonita said...

love the save the date cards! & the hat's cute. just wanted to let you know that i stumbled across your blog today & added it to the blogroll on my knitting blog. hope you don't mind!